Does any of this sound familiar?

Be honest.

Are you exhausted? Are you up every hour to put your baby back to sleep? Do you dread going out of the house because baby might have a meltdown? We can guarantee your baby is as tired as you are (and probably showing it by being cranky during the day!) It’s time to change this for the better!

Like all other skills, healthy sleep skills need to be taught. If you’re ready for a sleep plan that will teach your child independent sleep skills so he or she happily sleeps up to 12 hours at night (and takes better daytime naps), then here’s the program for you.

Does your child...

  • Wake up frequently in the middle of the night?

  • Take forever to fall asleep at bedtime?

  • Cry inconsolably because he or she is overtired?

  • Always take short naps?

  • Or only fall asleep after being nursed, rocked, or bounced?

Do you...

  • Dread bedtime because you know you’ll see your child just a few hours later?

  • Have to ninja crawl out of your child’s room after you guess they have fallen asleep?

  • Constantly argue with your partner about the best method or feel resentful of him or her for getting more sleep than you?

  • Feel hopeless, like there’s no end in sight when your child will sleep well?

  • Or just feel exhausted and sleep deprived?

Megan and Bee Wise Sleep Consulting have a proven method for developing customized, age-appropriate sleep plans that help establish independent sleep skills so your child can fall asleep quickly and easily at bedtime, sleep 11-12 hours straight overnight, plus take great naps during the day.

Not only will we help your child become a great sleeper, but we’ll also help you feel more rested so you can tackle whatever life throws at you.